WordAudio Meaning
altruistic al tru IS tik unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others, generous
Antonym: belligerent; stingy; selfish
Derivatives: altruism, altruist, altruistically
Nuns and nurses are usually very altruistic people since they seek ways to help people.
ambivalent am BIV uh lunt having contrary feelings or attitudes, uncertain as to course of action
Synonyms: undecided
Antonym: certain; firmly convinced
Derivatives: ambivalence
I am ambivalent about a permanent relationship with him, because I like him one day and don't the next.
angular ANG gyuh ler lean; sharp cornered; gaunt
Antonym: rotund
Derivatives: angulate, angularity, angulation, angulator
The patient has lost so much weight that his face has become quite angular.
arrogant AIR uh gunt overbearingly assuming; insolently proud
Synonyms: presumptuous, haughty, imperious, brazen
Antonym: meek, modest
Derivatives: arrogance, arrogancy, arrogantly
Because the girl was so arrogant, she had few friends.
aversion uh VER shun strong disinclination, disliking
Synonyms: hesitance, loathing, reluctance
Antonym: inclination
Derivatives: averseness, aversely, averse
I have an aversion to getting married.
discern deh SURN to differentiate between two or more things
Antonym: to ignore; to be oblivious; to
Derivatives: discerner, discernible, discernable, discernibleness, discernibly, discernably, discerningly, discernment
Because of the fog, I was barely able to discern the landing strip.
disdain dis DANE intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
Synonyms: (to be) arrogant, haughty, high-handed, insolent, lordly,
Antonym: favor, admiration; to love
Derivatives: disdained, disdaining, disdainer, disdainful, disdainfully, disdainfulness
Never having had to do manual labor, he disdained the idea of becoming a cotton picker.
disparage deh SPAR ij to degrade, to speak of someone or something in a derogatory manner
Synonyms: belittle, decry, deprecate
Antonym: to praise profusely
Derivatives: disparagement, disparager, disparagingly
His disparaging remarks about me caused the committee to give the job to another person.
disparity deh SPAR eh tee inequality, the condition or fact of being unequal in age, rank, or degree
Antonym: similarity
Derivatives: disparate, disparately, disparateness, disparatum
The couple got married even though there was a great disparity in their ages.
embellish em BEL ish to decorate, to make beautiful with ornamentation
Synonyms: deck, garnish, ornament, adorn
Antonym: to abbreviate
Derivatives: embellisher, embellishment
He would embellish his narratives with anecdotes about famous people.
engender en JEN der to cause, to produce, to create
Antonym: to squelch
Derivatives: engendered, engenderer, engenders, engendering
His angry words engendered strife in his relationship with his wife.
innocuous eh NOK yoo us harmless, producing no injury
Antonym: dangerous; injurious
Derivatives: innocuously, innocuousness
Since the drink is innocuous, it is okay for us to have some.
insipid in SIP id boring and stupid
Synonyms: banal, flat, inane, jejune, vapid
Antonym: spirited and animated; zestful
Derivatives: insipidity, insipidly, insipidness
I am bored by your insipid talk.
lament luh MENT to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner
Synonyms: bemoan, bewail, deplore
Antonym: to rejoice
Derivatives: lamented, lamenting, lamentation, lamentable
She lamented the death of her father in a very lachrymose manner.
laud LAWD to praise, to extol
Synonyms: revere
Antonym: to defame
Derivatives: laudability, laudable, laudableness
Her performance was lauded by all of the critics.
obscure ub SKYOOR difficult to see, vague
Synonyms: abstruse, ambiguous, cryptic, enigmatic, equivocal, recondite
Antonym: clear; apparent
Derivatives: obscuration, obscurative, obscuredly, obscurely, obscurement, obscureness, obscurity
Because the meaning of the play was obscure, I was unable to enjoy it.
ostentatious os ten TAY shus showy, pretentious
Synonyms: pompous
Antonym: modest
Derivatives: ostentation, ostentate, ostentatiously, ostentatiousness, ostentative
The ostentatious socialite wore her mink fur coat even during the warmest days of August.
prodigal PROD uh gul wasteful, a person given to extravagance
Synonyms: lavish, lush, luxuriant, profuse
Antonym: thrifty individual
Derivatives: prodigality, prodigally, prodigalize
The prodigal son squandered his inheritance.
repudiate reh PYOO dee ate to reject, to disown, to disavow
Antonym: to adopt
Derivatives: repudiation, repudiationist, repudiator
He announced that he would repudiate all debts that had been created by his wife.
reticence RET uh suns restraint in speech, reluctance to speak
Synonyms: reserve, taciturnity
Antonym: candor
Derivatives: reticency, reticent, reticently
A lawyer must have great reticence in discussing matters that could violate his client's rights.
revere reh VERE to honor, to regard with respect
Synonyms: adore, venerate, worship
Antonym: to despise
Derivatives: reverence, reverent, reverentness, reverential, reverentiality, reverentially
Nearly all Catholics revere the Pope.
serene suh REEN calm, placid
Synonyms: tranquil
Antonym: agitated
Derivatives: serenely, sereneness, serenity
The mountain on a clear spring morning is a serene setting.
subtle SUT ul delicate, elusive, not obvious
Antonym: obvious; gross; blunt
Derivatives: subtilist, subtility, subtilization, subtilize, subtilizer, subtleness, subtlety
To avoid being obtrusive in the elegant restaurant, he used subtle gestures to call the waiter to his table.
superfluous soo PUR floo us beyond what is needed or required, an overflow
Antonym: necessary
Derivatives: superfluously, superfluousness, superfluent, superfluity
The meeting lasted so long because of many superfluous comments by some of the speakers.
taciturn TAS eh turn quiet, not verbose
Synonyms: reserved, reticent
Antonym: loquacious; talkative
Derivatives: tacit, tacitly, tacitness, taciturnity, taciturnly
A shy person is usually taciturn.
antithesis an TI thuh sis a direct opposite, a contrast
Antonym: duplicate; same
Derivatives: antithetic, antithetical, antithetically
Good is the antithesis of evil.